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“National Let it Go Day!”

June 23rd is National “Let it Go Day” and I’m embracing it with a vengeance!
Letting go of our regrets, mistakes and anything else in our past that is currently holding us back in our lives is so important for our mental and our physical health. And even though I know this to be factually true it doesn’t mean that I have an easy time letting go of things. Sometimes I have a difficult time of letting go of anger – either at myself or others – and I know I need to work on that.

Carrying around anger at people, situations, or circumstances in our past negatively impact our present and future. And I know I’m not the only one who struggles with embracing my inner Elsa and “letting go” of things!

Each of us have regrets that we struggle with learning from and leaving in our past, so that we can forge ahead with our future.

Let go of negative emotions

Diabetes adds daily to the stress that we carry with us, has the potential to stick like glue, and is incredibly detrimental to our present and future health. So lets all let go of the blame that is associated with diabetes and embrace living our best lives with diabetes.

Lets release all the diabetes guilt and diabetes regrets that holds us down and have the potential to keep us down, unless we acknowledge and release them.

And lets finally let go of what we think we could/should have done in our past and embrace and learn from past diabetes/life mistakes, take the lessons learned and use them to make positive changes.

By “letting go” of all that holds us back in our lives with diabetes, we will be able to be in the lead and forge ahead and be in charge of our lives instead of diabetes being the one in control!


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