Why Should I Keep a Journal?

There are going to be days when you want to scream at the world! In having a chronic condition such as diabetes, you may find those days occur more often than you care to admit.

On those days, you may be asking yourself, “Why me?”, “Why is my blood sugar so high today”, “Is my medication really making a difference?", or “Why do people stare at me when I check my blood sugar or eat a cookie?”

You will, hopefully, also have days when your glass seems half full (instead of half empty) in which you may think to yourself, “How do I recapture the greatness of today?”, “Why is it easier today to manage my blood sugar, eat healthier and be motivated to exercise?”

I can tell you one thing for certain, some days you will have the answers to your questions and other days you will (unfortunately) not the have answers.

So, what am I getting at?  

The importance of keeping a journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to express yourself privately and free of any judgment. By writing down your feelings, you can clear your mind and have the mental energy to move forward and focus on other necessary tasks.

Journaling can be done daily or less frequently. You do not need to write a novel (unless you want to!), but rather a few sentences about your day. Remember, it’s all about you!

Ideas for journaling

Ideas for what you may want to write in your journal (this list is by no means all inclusive):

  • A brief overview of what you did during the day (this does not have to be just diabetes-related tasks). You will likely take interest in reading what you did on a particular date at a later point in time.
  • How did you feel today?
  •   Did something funny happen to you or someone you know?
  • Who did you see or interact with today?
  • How would you rank your diabetes management today?
  • What went right today?
  • What would you like to do differently tomorrow?
  • Short-term and long-term goals
  • In addition to writing down your feelings, you can also use your journal to log your daily food intake, glucose levels, and any medications taken (making note of any medications you missed can also be helpful)

How can journaling improve your overall health and wellbeing?

Health Fitness Revolution recently wrote an article on the health benefits, some of which include:1

Journaling apps

So, what are you waiting for? All you need is a notebook and a pen to get started. There are also a variety of journaling apps, some of which include:

  • Day One
  • Penzu
  • Journey
  • Five Minute Journal

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