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Indoor Gardening for Better Eating

One of the best ways to get healthier foods is to plant our own foods. Using outdoor and indoor gardening, we can make sure to have healthy founds around as well as save money. That can be a challenge for many of us. We might not live in places with ample yards, or even good window exposure. For years I’ve been grumpy and jealous at those who could grow wonderful things from their window sills, or in their backyards.

There are solutions to this, though… and if you have any other ideas, please share! But one of them is a ‘community garden.’  You see, gardening is such a wonderful opportunity to bring food to communities and urban areas, that many local organizations, such as churches, co-ops, or non-profits, have volunteered to help locate and even donate spaces for folks to plant their own gardens. They might come at no cost, or even at a small donation of produce to a local food pantry.  Gardening is also a wonderful way to get exercise in Spring and Summer.

But Liz, you ask — it’s FALL. It’s going to be Winter out here… how am I going to get gardening? Well, I know some of you lucky people don’t have a Winter, so BAH HUMBUG to you! *Just kidding* I am intensely jealous of your yearly sandal wearing privileges. But I digress…

I am starting a little hobby that is helping me manage my diabetes, and I am very excited about it! It’s called indoor hydroponics.  It basically involves growing plants indoors with the use of water, nutrient solution, air stones (and a pump), and special LED grow bulb, or a CFL grow bulb. If you don’t want to bother with the water part, you can basically grow a container garden indoors with LED grow bulbs or CFL grow bulbs. Now, these bulbs might cost an initial investment, but the energy they use is minimal, and the results are amazing.

As for me… my little hobby began at a garage sale. I found a popular, pre-made, hydroponic system at a garage sale for $10. The person had never used it, and it was new in box. I can get wonderful salad greens out of it, or fresh herbs (like basil, mint, cilantro, parsley, etc.), or peppers and mini tomatoes. I am just HOOKED, and it gives me such a great excuse to eat healthier, and manage my diabetes. (Remember, the salad tax!)

Indoor gardening and hydroponics is also a great way to get kids started early in understanding the health benefits of eating our greens. They’ll appreciate wanting to try something they grew themselves!

Learning to manage diabetes can be a fun adventure, and a new lens for which to look at life. Don’t be afraid to explore. (By the way, lemon basil is the best tasting herb, ever!)

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