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Healthy Little Habits

The following suggestions are little habits that make me feel healthy - because they are healthy.

Bread from the local bakery

When I buy bread, I either purchase bread from a local bakery or Ezekiel bread in the frozen food section. In my opinion, they are more healthy than the crazy processed breads that sit on the store shelf. But no matter which bread I buy, I keep the loaf in the freezer. It last longer and I eat less bread if I don’t see it.

Water filter pitcher

Purchase a water filter pitcher and keep it filled and on the kitchen countertop at all times. Filtered water tastes better than tap or bottled, it’s cheaper in the long run, and helps keep track of how much water you've consumed.

Park car far away

When I go food shopping or doing errands, nine times out of 10, I park my car in a spot that’s not close to the entrance, so I can get more steps in, and especially on days when my steps are “lacking.” This is not a new concept - people have been preaching about this for years and they are spot on. Any and all extra steps help when it comes to our good health.

Wash hands

Washing your hands with soap kills germs. Your hands touch everything and are loaded with gross germs! Also, wash your hands with soap before you check your blood sugar - if you don't, remnants of whatever you touched can give you a false (and usually higher) glucose reading. Wash your hands and wash them often!

Certified diabetes educators

Meeting with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a great way to get a handle on your diabetes! Every single one of us living with diabetes and no matter the type needs a diabetes tune-up. If you see an endocrinologist for your diabetes, set up an appointment with the office CDE. If you see a GP for your diabetes, no worries. Many local hospitals offer diabetes classes with CDEs - google to see what classes are available in your area!

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