Health Benefits of Walking

For people living with type 2 diabetes, exercise is very important along with diet in controlling your diabetes. I think walking really is the most convenient way to get in your exercise. It does not require a membership, there is no equipment needed and you can pretty much walk all over town. Sure you can use outdoor sidewalks but if the weather is not permitting head to the mall. You will notice others walk at the mall these days. It's really a common place now to get in those walking steps. If you happen to belong to a gym then use the treadmill on days the weather is not permitting for outdoor activity.

Benefits of walking

Walking is a great exercise and a way to gain better control over your type 2 diabetes. Walking can help you reduce the risk of dying from coronary heart disease. It can also help you lower your chances of developing high blood pressure, can also help you control your weight and help in reduce body fat.

The following are even more benefits for walking:

Lower blood glucose levelsWhen you exercise your body uses energy which is a form of glucose (sugar) similar to a car using gas. Lower stress levelLowering stress levels can help improve the bodies ability to use insulin. Managing type 2 diabetes can be stressful and very challenging. On a good day you still may run into a few hiccups. Walking can help bring down that stress and in return help you better manage your type 2 diabetes. Just a 30 min walk can lower stress and lower your glucose. Some walk for 60 minutes and say it doubles lowering their stress. It's really up to you and how much time you have. Just knowing 30 min makes a difference and knowing this we can at least make time for a 30 minute walk. Better sleepExercise during the day and sleep better at night. Living with diabetes can be exhausting so it's good to know walking can help us get a better night sleep which in return can help our bodies and our mind manage our type 2 diabetes better. Strengthening muscles and bonesThey always recommend weight bearing exercise to help strengthen your muscles and bones and walking is a great weight bearing exercise. It's your own weight that it's carrying around. Walking helps strengthen your leg bones. They are supporting your body weight which is a big deal. How to get in some exercise during the dayHere are are a few more ideas to get in some extra exercise thought the day: Join a walking group or club during the fall or longerWalk during your lunch breakAsk your colleges if you can walk during your office meetingGet off the bus, a train stop or 2 earlier than your normal stopStart a walking challenge with colleges, friends and or familyTake the stairs instead of the elevatorKnow your steps- get a fitbit or pedometer so you know how many steps you're getting a day and at a minimum get 10,000 a dayWalk your kids to the bus stop for schoolWalk to do errands, post office, grocery storeWalk to your colleagues’ desk and talk to them instead of emailingWalk to the restroom that is further away from your office or desk Enjoy the outdoors if you can. Not only is walking good for your inner health it's good for your mental health too and can help fight depression. There are many groups, especially in the fall, that have been starting up across the nation.

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