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Handling The Holidays With Diabetes

Thanksgiving is behind us and now we’re in the whirlwind rush that is December.
December equals holiday parties – basically the whole month is a festival of carbohydrates – and ending with a bang as we ring in the new year!
Bottom Line: December can wreak havoc on our diabetes. Here are some tips that help me manage the holidays with diabetes – and without feeling like I’m missing out! Hopefully some or all will work for you!

Making wise choices most of the time

During the week I do my best to make healthy choices.
I make a giant pot of soup every weekend, so I have tasty (and healthy) lunch and dinner options throughout the week.
I’m a big believer in meal prep, embrace yogurt, lean proteins; legumes; veggies. So when it’s time to attend a holiday get together, I know that I’ve put in the work

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water in the spring, summer, and fall is easy – Drinking water when the weather gets cold is more difficult. To make sure I get enough water daily, I drink a 15 ounces of water, while waiting for my morning coffee to brew, and continually fill up a 20 ounce reusable water bottle throughout the day and follow these tips

I get my walk on

Whether I’m doing laps outside in the could or laps around work, the mall (Christmas shopping counts), I set aside some time every day to walk. A little goes a long way and even if I can only squeeze 15 minutes in, I know that it will help my blood sugar, my spirits, and will help to alleviate all the crazy holiday stress!

When I attend holiday get togethers, I focus on the people…not the food

Instead of making a beeline for the buffet, I find my friends first and catch up with what’s going on in their world. When I decide to eat, I keep my plate filled with a rainbow of veggies, cheese and lean proteins. I stick with wine, followed by a glass of sparkling water and allow myself a holiday treat in the form of dark chocolate.

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