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A sad, frustrated woman sits at her laptop among a room of dying plants.

The Other Day I Was Over My Diabetes!

The other day I was so over my diabetes! I had just returned from a cross-country work trip a few days earlier and was still feeling jet-lagged. I was dealing with expense reports, mountains of laundry, and work deadlines that needed to be completed and turned in by end-of-business-day, that Friday. Don’t even get me started on having to pay bills, a fridge that was seriously lacking in sustenance, which meant a trip to the market was in my future. UGH. For the record, this all happened on a Wednesday. Did I mention that it was day number three of blood sugars that refused to behave – let alone make sense.

Frustrated with diabetes

Diabetes was annoying me and making an already hectic few weeks more so. I wanted to be on a tropical beach somewhere, in a foreign country exploring, hanging with my friends, or sitting in an air-conditioned movie theater.

But I wasn’t any of those places. I was at home, being a grown-up and dealing with life…and life with diabetes.

So I took a few deep breaths and acknowledged that at that very moment, both my life and my diabetes were stressing me out and made a plan.

Coping with frustration and diabetes

I quickly went over my blood sugars and remembered that lack of sleep is one of at least 42 things that affect our blood sugars. HELLO JET-LAG. I immediately felt better and stopped taking the number on the meter so personally.

I took another deep breath and organized my expense receipts by date, so they would be ready to scan and send when I emailed my expense report. Super easy and it took all of 10 minutes.

And then I went outside and took a 20-minute walk and enjoyed being outside. By the time I returned to my desk I felt better – calmness and clarity had returned and I was ready to tackle the tasks ahead – including diabetes.

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