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Diabetes and Getting Back in the Saddle Again

It's been a long year for everyone - emotionally, and for some of us, physically as well. I'm still easing into exercise after getting my cast off and start physical therapy in two weeks. I finally was able to get my bike over to the shop and get the tube replaced on my tire, which means I can finally ride my bike! 

Overcoming the physical hurdles

I'm starting on short rides - 30 to 45 minutes at a moderately fast pace - and it feels good to get moving after four and half months in an ortho boot, plus five months of dealing with a misdiagnosed ligament injury.

Prepping for my exercise

It's also scary because I worry about healing and regaining my strength, but I'm staying positive. I prep for my three weekly rides by doing the following before every ride: 

  1. I check my blood sugar, I want to make sure I'm starting my exercise at a good solid number so I hopefully won't go low.
  2. I place my house keys, glucose meter & strips, CGM, insulin pump PDM, phone, low blood sugar treats, my ID, a mask, an emergency $5, and a freshly filled water bottle in my mini backpack and place it in my bike basket.
  3. I put on my sneakers - ones that don't have slippery bottoms.
  4. I stretch for 5 minutes because it can only help me. Then I put on my bike helmet, check the time on my phone, grab my bicycle and I start peddling.

I don't worry about how far or fast I ride - that's not important - though I do like to figure out how many calories I've burned after each ride.

Exercise motivation with diabetes

What is important: I'm getting back in the saddle and back on my bike and exercising for my diabetes, physical, and mental health.

Are others along the bike path going faster and riding longer distances than me? Of course, and good for them. My ride isn't about them. It's about me.

Are you getting “back in the saddle,” regarding exercise, and if so, how?

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