Fasting Labs And Stressing Out.

Fasting Blood Glucose Test and Stressing Out

I’m getting ready to do my quarterly fasting labs for my Endocrinologist and as usual, I need to remind myself of a few things.

One: I need to hydrate for a good two days before the test — so my veins will be nice and plump when my blood is drawn - my veins like to play hide-n-seek.

TWO: I need to remind myself that these tests, no matter how much of a pain they are both mentally and physically, are incredibly important to my overall good health and wellbeing. These labs help my doctor, my CDE, and I know what my diabetes is doing, what areas I’m doing well in and what areas need improvement.

THREE: That no matter what my labs reveal, my healthcare team and I will come up with a game plan and that’s a big deal.

Anxiety and stress

Still, I won’t lie, my fasting labs stress me out - A LOT - and they always have.

I worry about what the results mean and what we’ll do as a team. And in my heart and mind, I also worry about being judged by my numbers. I have a great Endo and Certified Diabetes Educator - I really do. They’ve never judged me, have always been there for me, have helped me through so much and for so long. But that wasn’t always the case with previous physicians in my decades of living with diabetes — and the scars are there. I remind myself that my team has helped me with so much and we’ve come so far in our 20 years of working together. And they always make me feel that I'm going to be OK.

But I still stress out when it comes to my fasting labs and what the impending results will be.

So my questions to you guys:

    • How do you deal with anxiety when it comes to fasting labs?
    • Have you discussed your diabetes fasting lab fears and anxieties (or any diabetes fears and anxiety you have), with your healthcare team?

Feel free to share…or not.

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