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Six Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Start Exercising

It’s cold out. It came on suddenly: One day it was summer, the next day it was most certainly not.

It’s dark super early, the mornings aren’t pleasant, the holidays are right around the corner. Still, I’m going to make the argument that now is still the exact right time to start an exercise plan (assuming your doctor is on board!).

6 reasons to start exercise in the winter

Here are six reasons why you should start lacing up your sneakers starting now.

1. You may prevent or slow down holiday weight gain

One study suggests that the six-week period over the holidays is when the most weight gain over any given year occurs, and seems much more pronounced in patients who are overweight or obese.1 Preventative measures like self-monitoring behaviors may be one way to slow down those gains, and why not add exercise to the mix, too?

2. You’ll also feel good over the holidays

Here’s what I think most people do: They say to themselves, “Hey, it’s the holidays, I’m going to eat all the food and then worry about it later, and lose weight in the new year.” Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works, as resolutions have a miserable failure rate; approximately 80% have failed by February.

Instead of going through all that, why not put on your sneakers now and get into the routine and start moving before the stuffing and pumpkin pie are even on the menu? You’ll already be in the habit of doing it, and you’re that much more likely to take a walk after your Thanksgiving meal instead of having an extra piece of the pie.

3. You’ll beat the new year’s rush

As I said, most resolutions fail anyway, and besides, the gym is packed with newbies on January 1st. Get started now and you’ll be in the groove of things, and if you join a gym, by the time January rolls around you’ll be an old pro.

4. You have an excuse to buy new warm weather gear

Do not, I repeat, do not let cold weather stop you from picking up an exercise routine. There are plenty of products made just for exercising in the cold weather, like fleece pants and insulated vests and even hand warmers. Just google cold-weather exercise gear and you’ll get a ton of recommendations.

5. You get a chance to learn something new

You may not know what a downward dog is right now, but you could by next week. You could also learn how to dance, what a squat thrust is, or which exercise machine is best for your glutes. If you’ve never found exercise fun or inspiring, now’s your chance to take a new class or join a new gym (and hire a personal trainer there to show you around).

6. You’ll already be in the groove by the time summer comes around

When everyone else is lamenting their lack of movement over the cold months of winter, you’ll be able to say you’ve been in the swing of things for months. Time is going to go by, either way, you may as well pick up an exercise habit now.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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  1. Yanovski, J. A., Yanovski, S. Z., Sovik, K. N., Nguyen, T. T., O'Neil, P. M., & Sebring, N. G. (2000). A prospective study of holiday weight gain. The New England journal of medicine, 342(12), 861–867. doi:10.1056/NEJM200003233421206


  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    4 weeks ago

    Good article Jen.

    I like walking. When I worked for a copier company as an onsite rep to try and keep the copiers going and prevent down time by calling technicians I did a lot of walking. I’d park long distance from where the machine was and carry the supplies and tools I needed to do the job. And sometimes would just go walking on the site.
    When I was first diagnosed in 2012 I weighed about 230. I lost thirty pounds in 3 months. Kept losing and now on the home scales I average around the low to mid 170’s. Yeah, that’s not fully dressed and when I go to the doctors offices they’ll weigh me out in the low 180’s. But even then that’s better than what I weighed at start.

    And I try to watch what I eat as well. Granted on Saturdays(date day) I fall off the wagon but starting on Sunday I dust myself off, crawl back on the wagon and maintain myself. I learned to love cauliflower, and broccoli. Certain vegetables I know to keep an eye on, and certain ones will bother me as well. But I keep plugging.
    Love the article.


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