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Easy Ways To Make Your Life Healthier

Here’s how you can make your life healthier:

Stop using the word diet

Stop using the word diet. Instead, use terms that don’t make you feel like you’re being punished, like food choices or meal plans when it comes to the food you put in your body.

Read labels

If you are going to eat it – read the label. If it’s high in chemicals and fat, contains high fructose corn syrup or any one of HFCS ‘s alter egos, don’t buy and don’t eat.

Eat your vegetables

Your mother was right – eat your vegetables! And try new veggies! And if you’re a picky eater – eat the veggies you like – but eat several servings every darn day!

Congratulate yourself on all the little accomplishments

Did you check (don’t ever say test) your blood sugar more than 3 times today? AWESOME.
Did you walk for fifteen minutes after dinner tonight? Way to go!

Bring your lunch to work

Make your lunch and bring it to work.
It gives you control of what’s going into your body and a better handle on your finances because bringing your own lunch to work saves you money!

Try new things

Want to eat healthier? Consider trying a new recipe or taking a cooking class at your local Y or JCC. One healthy meal quickly turns into two, and two becomes five meals before you know it!
Have you always wanted to try tap-dancing but were too afraid – GO FOR IT. Trying new things is good for our heart and our soul – trying new things makes us more active and introduces us to new people and we discover new things that make us happy!

Participate in your community – online and off

Being an active member of your community/communities makes us happier and healthier. Participate in diabetes chats, attend local events in your town and or city and make new friends! Being with others both online and off connects us all!

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