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Don’t Forget to Fall Back! Daylight Savings Time Ends

Daylight Savings Time Alert:

Remember to adjust your clocks back one hour, but also your glucose meters, insulin pumps, and CGMs!

Just when you thought you could get away with the health benefits of getting more sleep (especially since a lack of sleep is linked to an increase in diabetes risk, as well as lessened diabetes control), New research in the Journal Diabetes of Science and Technology talks about failing to adjust the clocks on our diabetes-managing technology has become a critical issue in dosing errors, and potential hypoglycemic events from persons with diabetes.

When a person relies on glucose monitoring devices, they might inject too much insulin and risk dangerous hypoglycemia. It can also mean that our glucose numbers and patterns are being registered wrong, and our medical team may have a hard time pointing patterns later.

It’s our responsibility to change these settings, like everything else! It is especially critical to adjust glucose pumps since their delivery system is centered around meal times. Insulin pumps don’t have automatic clocks that adjust, like our smart phones and computers – we must be responsible for adjusting them, in order to prevent any fatal errors.

Many persons with type 2 diabetes may only take one type of insulin a day – ‘basal insulin.’ This is a type of insulin which runs ‘in the background’ through the day, and it helps us keep a steady glucose number through our daily routines, and while we sleep. But another type of insulin, ‘bolus insulin,’ is administered at meal times, and it relies on timing and total amount of carbohydrates consumed. If a person has become used to a certain schedule of meal times, and dosing, it might through that whole equation off.

So – have a safe Halloween, don’t overdo the candy – and adjust your meter, pump, and CGM settings! Enjoy the extra sleep. And for those of you who don’t have Daylight Savings – have a happy weekend.

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