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Doing just a shade better

Doing Just a Shade Better

We’re doing some redecorating at home, and it’s been very interesting trying to blend colors. Choosing the “right” gray, a color I always considered to be as neutral as possible, has been maddening. We selected a gray we thought would be just fine, but instead it was more of a “blah” leaning toward “yuck.” Our first thought was that we would have to do something drastically different – orange maybe. Ultimately, however, going a seemingly insignificant shade of gray lighter made all the difference – a shade lighter was fabulous.

That simple experience reminded me of one huge barrier to effective diabetes management (yes, I find inspiration in strange places). I see so many people struggling to adapt to diabetes management because they try to jump straight into doing something drastically different. The thing is, even if drastic behavior change is a reasonable goal, it is terribly difficult to make that sort of change in one fell swoop. It’s far more achievable to start out doing just a shade better. And, a shade better is not only more achievable, it’s also notably beneficial.

For example, just a few years ago people with diabetes often got the message that 30 minutes of activity was necessary to accumulate any benefit. But, recent research has shown that any activity is better than none. For a sedentary person, doing just a shade better is both achievable and beneficial. And, doing a little exercise each day successfully for a while makes it much easier to do a little more exercise each day.

I’m not saying that one shade is always enough, like it was with my gray. But, doing just a shade better makes it easier to do another shade better, and then another. Ultimately, it’s about getting to, and staying with, that shade that’s fabulous.

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