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Diabetes No Brainers

When it comes to diabetes, there are a few things that are diabetes no-brainers and focusing on them helps us to focus on other aspects of our diabetes life.

Taking your medication

This is so damn important. In order for your diabetes and non-diabetes medications to work and work properly, you have to actually take them. I know that taking medication might make us feel like failing, but it’s not.

Check your blood sugar

Nobody is super thrilled about checking his or her blood sugar, but it’s so important. If you use a meter it takes 5 seconds. If you check before each meal, mid-afternoon and before bed – that’s 5 times a day – which equal 25 seconds a day. Who doesn’t have 25 seconds a day? If you struggle with your insurance covering your test strips – check before each meal. You’ll be surprised at the trends you’ll spot. And it will help you navigate your diabetes.


Again, most people don’t love to exercise – but diabetes or not, exercise is something everyone needs to do. Exercise is good for our hearts, muscles, brains, moods, and blood sugars. Exercising positively impacts our blood sugars for 24 hours after the fact. Embrace walking – start off by walking for 20 minutes and take it from there. If you struggle with walking – consider the exercise bike or online movement videos.

Eating healthy and reading food labels

If you’re going to put food into your body, know what’s in it and what the serving size should be. Read the list of ingredients. Go for foods that are low in sodium and high in fiber. Stay clear of foods with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)!

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