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Our Diabetes Is Invisible … Most of the Time

Our diabetes is invisible to others… most of the time.
Invisible to the outside world, but never to us.
It is with us always and everyday – accompanying us everywhere, whether we like it or not.

The visibility of diabetes

We go about our day, doing what needs to be done and working hard – while constantly doing diabetes calculations in our heads. Counting carbs; remembering medications, doing our best to make wise choices when it comes to food and exercise.
And doing our best to get back up during those moments when diabetes tries to keep us down.

Diabetes is the part of us that many try to hide from the world because we are afraid of being judged.And lets face it – many in the world tend to judge us because of our diabetes. The majority get their diabetes information from what they hear and see on television – the media and Hollywood tend to be more than “confused,” when it comes to diabetes. What makes for a good script or soundbite, doesn’t necessarily represent the realities of living with diabetes.

Here’s the thing: We can turn the tables and show the world the realities of living (and living well) with diabetes.

We can do this by learning all we can about our disease; embracing and finding support and strength in/from our community, discovering and utilizing diabetes technologies and coping mechanisms that work for us as individuals living with diabetes, owning our diabetes whether it’s invisible or front and center. We can lead by example, forge ahead and live our best lives with diabetes – and educate the world in the process.

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