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Diabetes Awareness Month – What Can It Mean to You?

November is “Diabetes Awareness Month”, and as a diabetes medical professional whose career involves media and community outreach I have always paid special tribute to November. But, I’ll confess that as a person with diabetes it’s easy to think that I don’t need awareness – I am keenly aware of diabetes. I wonder if you’ve had that same thought? If so, here’s a better thought – make November “Diabetes Self-Management Awareness Month” for yourself.

Diabetes self-management does get a little attention as part of Diabetes Awareness Month, but not nearly enough in my view. In fact, diabetes self-management rarely gets as much notice as the two other “ends” of the diabetes spectrum – “devastating complications” (as the President’s proclamation for Diabetes Awareness Month mentions) and a yet-to-be-discovered cure. I’m always concerned that people with diabetes might assume that until a cure is discovered the only thing left is devastating complications. That is far from true, so let’s make sure we take some time to understand the importance of diabetes self-management and to congratulate ourselves for committing to this lifestyle change.

And, if you want to improve your diabetes self-management even more, the President’s proclamation mentions something very important. The Affordable Care Act has made access to professional help much more available and affordable. November would be a great month for you to make an appointment with a registered dietitian, nutritionist and/or a certified diabetes educator for some face-to-face talk about diabetes self-management. You will be glad you did.

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