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Dancing Through Stubborn Blood Sugars

Stubborn blood sugars are a thing, and one recent rainy Saturday afternoon, my blood sugars were being super stubborn. My blood sugars refused to budge from the low to mid 200s – running between 200 and 225, post breakfast until mid-afternoon and it was incredibly frustrating.

Stubborn blood sugar levels

I rely on insulin to live and manage my diabetes. And before I ate my breakfast, I did what I always do – checked my blood sugar, counted the carbs, and bolused (administered insulin) via my Omnipod to cover both my meal and blood sugar correction.

My morning meal: Hard-boiled eggs mixed with half an avocado and hot sauce, plus 1.5 cups of coffee.

I’ve eaten this very same meal at least 30 times without issue. But diabetes wasn’t playing fair that day and my blood sugars wouldn’t budge. Hey did you guys know that there are so many things that affect blood sugars?

And because it was raining, “walking it off” wasn’t going to happen.

I thought maybe organizing my storage closet might help lower my numbers, but after 25 minutes both my meter and continuous glucose monitor held steady at 219. I know from experience that stress is one of the many things that also increases our blood sugars – and I knew that I needed to stay calm and I needed to destress.

Dance to control blood sugar

I scrolled through my iTunes, dialed up my favorite dance tunes to 11 and danced my ass off for 30 minutes – rocking out to over a dozen of my favorite songs. It felt good to move and it felt great to let go. There were times when I felt like I needed to slow it down – so I did. I’d spend a length of song stretching to the beat like I was in a 1980s exercise video – sans the big hair and the ridiculous workout gear.

After 30 minutes I checked my blood sugar. It was 148. YAY DANCING.

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