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Comfort and Diabetes in the Trunk of My Car

I’ve already shared that diabetes proofing my car is important to me, but I also keep a few go-to items in my trunk that make life, and my life with diabetes more doable.

Essential items I keep in my car

I keep an extra pair of sneakers and a couple of pairs of clean socks in the trunk of my car at all times – and I’m glad I do – for several reasons. Sometimes work shoes are uncomfortable and I need to switch them out during the day. Part of that is diabetes related because it’s important for people with diabetes to protect our feet, the other part is because I like to be comfortable. If our feet hurt everything else hurts, too. Switching out my shoes takes less than 10 minutes in total and my feet always thank me.

Other times I change my shoes for a walk when the opportunity unexpectedly presents itself during lunch, a long drive, or just out of the blue while I’m driving in my car – and especially if the weather’s nice – and knowing that I have my sneakers and fresh pair of socks makes embracing exercise and the outdoors. Again, its partly diabetes-related – walking is good for our blood sugars and moving outdoors is good for our souls!

I also keep sunscreen, several baseball caps and sun hats in the trunk – my skin burns if you look at me wrong. Having proper sunscreen and headgear in my trunk means I can take an unexpected walk without worrying about burning my face.

Back to being comfortable, I keep a beach chair and a couple of beach towels tucked in a beach bag in my trunk because you never know when a beach chair and beach towels will come in handy – even when you’re not at the beach. I use them when I attend concerts in the park, cook-outs with friends, or on picnics.

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