Have You Met With a Certified Diabetes Educator?

Everyone I know is attempting to develop healthy habits, set and meet achieve goals, and have more control of their health and wellbeing, including me. Not always easy but necessary for everyone, diabetes or not. Speaking of diabetes, have you scheduled an appointment with a certified diabetes educator yet?

Why is a certified diabetes educator important for diabetes management?

Not only do certified diabetes educators (CDEs) understand diabetes, they are also excellent teachers who will help you apply diabetes management tactics in the real world, and will leave their judgments at the door. All the certified diabetes educators I’ve met/worked with are incredibly knowledgable and have boatloads of empathy and understanding for people living with diabetes.

Certified diabetes educators help troubleshoot

Whether its blood sugar, diet, exercise, medication, or stress management, CDEs will help you fine-tune and develop coping mechanisms for living with diabetes. CDEs can help us make wise dietary choices that quickly become healthy habits without making you feel like you’re being deprived or denied.

Certified diabetes educators know all about diabetes tools

Whether it’s glucose meters; continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, insulin pens, insulins and other injectables and/or oral medications, CDEs are experts in understanding how these diabetes tools work and will teach you to use and utilize them. They also understand health insurance and can help you get your diabetes tools covered.

If you work with an endocrinologist, call the office and set up an appointment with a CDE who works with your practice. If you see a general practitioner for your diabetes - ask if they can recommend a CDE. Also, do the research to see which CDEs come highly recommended/are offering classes in your area. And call them!

To find a certified diabetes educator in your area, click HERE. You are worth it!

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