Person screams in frustration from diabetes burnout, journals, drinks water, takes a walk.

Some Days Managing Diabetes Is Incredibly Difficult...

There are days when managing diabetes is incredibly difficult - when my blood glucose numbers resemble a rollercoaster and I feel like I’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler!

My bad days with type 2 diabetes

The days I struggle with my diabetes most, are also the days when I'm most angry and mad at diabetes and myself. And between you and me, according to some people, those are the days when I’m less than pleasant to be around. I know, SHOCKER. Those are the days when I force myself to take a step back, decompress and stay calm.

I know that anger has a negative impact on both my blood glucose and blood pressure. Also, let’s face it, nobody wants to spend a large portion of time angry at the world.

How I manage my bad days

My personal tips:

1. I work on whatever blood sugars issues I'm experiencing

I deal with my high and/or low blood sugar, check my insulin pump or CGM for site issues, and upload my meter/cgm numbers to my healthcare team.

2. I fill up my reusable water bottle with h2o

Hydration helps with flushing out ketones. I grab my trusty notebook and write down exactly how I’m feeling and why. I write about how diabetes and struggling with diabetes makes me feel and behave. I write what I’m doing to combat challenging blood sugars, spilled ketones, crappy moods, etc. When it’s time to flip over to the next blank page, I usually feel better.

3. I take a beat and decompress

Which can mean a multitude of things. Getting lost in a work or personal project, taking a 20 to 30 minute walk, resting on the couch or reading a couple of chapters of a book. Sometimes it’s reaching out to a diabetes buddy who understands what I’m going through and never judges.4. I give myself important remindersI remind myself that I’m working hard when it comes to living with and managing my diabetes - and that everybody has challenging days.5. I keep forging ahead It's not always easy, but I try to stay positive about the future.

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