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April Is National Lawn & Garden Month – Get Your Garden On!

April is National Lawn and Garden Month, and after a long, as in incredibly long, cold, and miserable winter for majority of the US, I’m ready to embrace the outdoors and get my garden on!

Gardening is good for our health; hearts, souls, bodies and spirits – not to mention our blood sugars! Gardening gets us outdoors, it get us moving, and it gets us breathing. You don’t have to go big – and if you live in an apartment, you can still “get your garden on.”

Why gardening?

But this is a diabetes website, why are you talking about gardening?

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, gardening is good for us and good for our diabetes.

Gardening gets us moving; stretching, breathing, creates endorphins, encourages peace of mind, and allows us to notice and appreciate the little changes that turn into big ones. Gardening is a form of physical activity, all of which are great for our blood sugars. Even if your garden sits on your windowsill, you are still moving, doing, creating and learning a new skill.

Whether you’re growing veggies to eat or flowers to admire — gardening will bring you happiness.

Here are some ways to for you to get your garden on!

  1. Start small with potted plants like succulents or herbs.
  2. Consider joining a community, a shared gardens program, or volunteering to help with local public garden spaces.
  3. If you do have outdoor space, start with what you have and get moving and get weeding and find out what gardening zone you’re in and pick a few plants that work in your zone.
  4. Check out your local gardening clubs and see if they offer gardening classes or workshops. It ’s not only a great way to learn the gardening basics, it’s an excellent way to meet new people.
  5. Grow what you love. If flowers make you smile, plant some. If you like fresh herbs to cook with, create an herb garden. If you have the space and want to grow some veggies – DO IT.

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