A Powerful Quote On Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Everybody has a favorite quote from a movie, a song, a piece of literature, or from a famous intellectual or comedian. I want to share one of mine – one you’ve never heard before, but a powerful quote that may have an invaluable benefit to your health with diabetes. It’s an obscure sentence from the 800 page desk reference for certified diabetes educators, The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education (©2006, American Association of Diabetes Educators), in the section introducing a technical discussion of the various medications for type 2 diabetes. “Patients should be reminded that any pharmacologic treatment for type 2 diabetes is only a supplement to lifestyle changes.”

Just to be sure you got that – diet, exercise, not smoking, adequate sleep, and stress reduction are more important to your health than type 2 diabetes drugs. This is such a key point because as each year passes we grow more and more convinced that medical interventions, including drugs, can “fix” anything. With type 2 diabetes one might easily assume that the medications constantly trumpeted in TV advertisements are “the fix” – eating better is fine, but it’s the pharmacy that will save you. Don’t be misled. The drugs for type 2 diabetes are important and helpful, but there is no substitute for lifestyle choices in preserving your long term health.

In my opinion, this message doesn’t get enough attention. Numbers are hard to find, but the numbers I have seen suggest that a relatively small percentage of people with diabetes meet with a dietitian or certified diabetes educator. And yet, these are the professionals who specialize in teaching the lifestyle side – the most important side – of diabetes management. Your interest in the information and support provided here at type 2 diabetes.com shows that you already have an understanding that there’s more to diabetes than taking a pill. But, that single, powerful sentence from a huge book that I highlighted above may even surprise you.

I’ll admit that my favorite quote is a little dry, lacking in poetic inspiration, and can’t be attributed to a famous celebrity, politician or intellectual. But, when it comes to a single thought that might motivate you to focus on your long term health, “you can take dat to da bank.” (Detective Tony Baretta, 1975)

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