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A New Kind Of Resolution For 2016

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 45 percent of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution this year and of those 45 percent, 46 percent will maintain their resolution beyond 6 months. In 2015, the most common resolution (probably no surprise to most of us) was to lose weight.

It is well publicized that weight loss, even a modest amount, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. For those already diagnosed with diabetes, weight loss can help improve diabetes control. While my intention is not to deter anyone from setting such goals, many people (for various reasons) struggle to keep New Year’s resolutions, which may lead to feeling disappointed and discouraged.

What if your 2016 resolution was something different? When you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, many people find that it is the support of family and friends that can help them through their most challenging days. The problem with that is many of us feel (as a result of today’s technology) out of touch or disconnected from family and friends. So how about, this year, you resolve to reconnect with family and friends?

Do you need some ideas? Check out the list below for 10 suggestions for ways to reconnect!

  1. Instead of sending a text message, make a phone call to a family member or friend you have not talked to lately. You may not even recall the last time you called someone just to say, “What’s new with you?”
  2. Send a card in the mail. Most of us are used to receiving bills in the mail. Brighten a friend’s day by sending a “thinking of you” or “happy birthday” card.
  3. Plan a road trip to visit a family member or friend you have not seen in ages.
  4. Get a group together to volunteer at an event you feel passionate about. For volunteer opportunities in your area click here.
  5. Instead of going out and having to deal with talking over loud crowds or loud music, invite family or friends over to play cards or a board game.
  6. Explore a new hobby. Get a group of friends together to take a painting, pottery or cooking class.
  7. Vow as a family to turn off all devices (cell phones, computers, etc.) for 1 hour each day.
  8. Eat dinner as a family. Take time to listen to each family member share events from their day.
  9. Offer to help a family member with a chore you know they dislike (emptying the dishwasher, dusting, shoveling snow, etc.). Use it as an opportunity to catch up.
  10. Tackle a home project. Update part of the house together as a family (paint the bathroom, clean out a closet).

What have you done recently to reconnect with family and friends? How has a family member or friend made coping with diabetes more manageable?

Please share your story with the type2diabetes community.

The Type 2 Diabetes community would like to wish all of you the very best in 2016!

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