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Tips for a healthy summer

90 Tips for a Healthy Summer!

It’s official… Summer is here! Summer is a great time to create healthy habits such as trying a new sport, a new recipe or a new stress reliever. Summer is approximately 90 days long (not long enough if you ask me!!) so here are 90 quick tips to help get you started towards a healthier you.

  1. Go on a walk after dinner
  2. Make turkey burgers instead of beef burgers
  3. Play Frisbee at the park
  4. Grill your food instead of frying
  5. Take the family canoeing
  6. Get fresh produce at your local farmers market
  7. Bike to work
  8. Hold the cheese on the cheeseburger
  9. Make s’mores with peanut butter instead of chocolate
  10. Make your own popsicles using fresh or frozen berries
  11. Go to the beach or lake for a swim
  12. Get a group of friends together for a game of volleyball
  13. Take the TV out of your bedroom
  14. Challenge yourself to a day without your computer or video games
  15. Sign up for a walking tour for a downtown in your area
  16. Try grilled fruit for dessert (pears and bananas work really well)
  17. Grow a garden
  18. Have a summer salad instead of pasta for dinner
  19. Work on landscaping your home
  20. Participate in a 5k walk or run
  21. Try mustard instead of mayo on your burger
  22. Instead of chips and dip, try fresh cut veggies with hummus
  23. Walk around the zoo
  24. Walk the golf course instead of taking a golf cart
  25. Go cherry picking
  26. Toss a football with your kids/grandkids after dinner
  27. If it’s a rainy day, walk at the mall
  28. Serve fruit salad for dessert
  29. Walk your dog (or offer to walk a neighbors dog)
  30. Use grilled portabella mushrooms instead of hamburger buns
  31. Walk up and down the bleachers at the local high school
  32. Power walk on the track
  33. Join a summer softball league
  34. If it’s a rainy day, go bowling
  35. Stay hydrated. Add lemon or lime slices to water
  36. Need something carbonated? Drink sparkling water with lemon wedges
  37. Drink from a water bottle instead of a cup (you will likely drink more)
  38. Have a family picnic (pack sandwiches made on whole wheat bread, with fresh veggies and fruit for sides)
  39. Snack on peanuts at a baseball game instead of fries or chips
  40. Mow your lawn
  41. Listen to a book on tap while you power walk
  42. Swim at the wave pool
  43. Try a kale salad
  44. Make your own sushi with brown rice instead of white rice
  45. Grill salmon instead of steak
  46. Try an outdoor yoga class
  47. Meditate in you back yard
  48. Keep a journal
  49. Try a vegetarian meal (grilled black bean burgers)
  50. Make your own tortilla chips (bake cut up corn tortilla shells in the oven instead of frying)
  51. If your getting fast food, order a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the fried chicken sandwich
  52. Vow to get ride of regular pop
  53. Start a walking club
  54. Bake a sweet potato on the grill, sprinkle cinnamon on top
  55. Kick a soccer ball in your back yard
  56. Try exercising in the morning before you go to work
  57. Need a night out? Go dancing
  58. Swim laps at a community pool
  59. Embrace healthy fats: spread fresh avocado on whole wheat toast instead of butter or mayo
  60. Sign up to walk or ride your bike at an American Diabetes Association (ADA) event
  61. Volunteer to plant flowers at your church, temple, or community center
  62. Track your steps by wearing a pedometer
  63. Try freezing Greek yogurt. Have it instead of ice cream. Top with fresh berries or crushed peanuts
  64. Is the heat too much? Try ice-skating indoors
  65. Replace your cream based dressing (ranch, Caesar) with a vinaigrette
  66. Go on a hike at a nearby nature trial
  67. Try whole wheat pasta
  68. Make your own tomato sauce using tomatoes from your garden
  69. Make melon kabobs for dessert (use cubed cantaloupe, honey dew and watermelon)
  70. Make you own trail mix with peanuts, almonds, unsweetened coconut and dried raisins
  71. Replace high calorie potato salad with bean salad
  72. Make your own nut butter
  73. Try a new health snack: almond butter spread on celery
  74. Try something new for date night: play putt putt golf or tennis
  75. Try a new recipe from the type2 DM website:
  76. Tempted by elephant ears at the summer carnival? Try sharing a soft pretzel dipped in mustard with a friend
  77. Eat frozen grapes (1 grape= 1 gm carb)
  78. Take a ballroom dance class
  79. Snack on a small frozen banana
  80. Grow an herb garden
  81. Make your own unsweetened tea
  82. Try a new grain such as quinoa (great protein source!)
  83. Has it been a while since your last check up? Make an appointment with your doctor
  84. Schedule other health maintenance appointments (eye doctor, foot doctor, dentist, etc.)
  85. Get new plates: switch from a 12 inch plate to a 9 inch plate
  86. Make a vegetable packet with zucchini, peppers and onions and olive oil. Wrap in foil and grill on medium heat
  87. Drink a glass of water before each meal
  88. Take a healthy/cooking light cooking class
  89. Make your own pasta or pizza crust using whole wheat flour
  90. Have a basketball net at home? Shoot hoops while your dinner is baking in the oven

Please share your favorite healthy summer tips with the Type 2 Diabetes community!

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