7 (More) Apps You're Gonna Love

Your phone: It’s your calendar, your connection to almost everyone in your life, possibly your closest friend, and, if you let it, your best ally when it comes to health management.

I wrote about the best apps for health a couple of years ago, but as you know, the technical world is fast and furious when it comes to new versions and new products, so I thought it would be fun to revisit.

There are thousands and thousands of apps that you can use for everything from counting carbs to setting and achieving goals, so why not download a few today?

Apps For Type 2 Diabetes Management

Diabetes in Check by Everyday Health (iPhone) or OnTrack Diabetes (Android), Free

The Diabetes in Check app provides digital coaching from a certified diabetes educator (with in app purchase), a barcode scanner to track carb and nutrition facts for packaged foods, message boards, an easy way to track your medication and more. It has some mixed reviews, but the people who love it really love it. OnTrack has great reviews and allows you to track food weight, hemoglobin and glucose levels. You can also edit the categories you care about tracking to make it work the best for you.

mySugr App (iPhone and Android), Free

This app “auto-logs your blood sugars, carbs, bolus, CGM, hypos and activity data via connected devices.” You can also manually add meds and notes and any other info you want to help in managing your diabetes. It has super fantastic reviews all around.

Apps For Fitness

Nike+ Run Club (iPhone and Android), Free

When I put out feelers to see what fitness apps my friends like, this is the answer I got, and it’s had a home on my phone for a number of years now, too. You can track how fast you’re moving (even if you’re walking, of course), the distance you’ve covered, and compare the current exercise session to past sessions. You can also report your latest workout on social media for an added boost, and it will tell you when you’ve done your fastest mile, which I kinda love.

Fitocracy (iPhone and Android), Free

This is a fun twist on the standard fitness app; it uses gamification to help keep you on track, allowing you to compete with other users. It provides free workouts and you earn points and can unlock new levels as you reach your goals. Sounds fun to me.

Apps for Emotional Health & Goal Setting

Moodtrack Diary (iPhone and Android), Free

I thought I’d throw this app in there because it allows you to track your mood from day to day, which can sometimes be helpful when it comes to exercise and eating habits. You may notice that on days you rate your mood really poorly you’re much less likely to stick with your eating plan, or notice that on days you exercise your mood seems to be better. That information can help you to come up with a plan to keep your mood (and habits) as steady as possible.

The Mindfulness App (iPhone and Android), Free

This app provides timed and guided meditations, and can help you bring more mindfulness to your everyday life. Mindfulness = less stressed you, which leads to a plethora of health benefits.

Strides (iPhone), Free

This app seems pretty darn awesome. You can track just about any habit or goal you like, and get pretty charts and graphs along with it (which I love). They’re also set up to help you keep your goals SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely), which I think makes it especially helpful.

Why are you still reading? Go download some apps!

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