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7 Diabetes Life Hacks

  1. Keep a reusable water bottle that holds at least 24 ounces of water with you and wherever you go, fill up at least twice a day.
  2. Vitamin and or old medication bottles makes excellent sharps containers for your lancets/glucose strips, and needles when you’re traveling.
  3. Keeping a pyrex bowl of washed, fresh strawberries (or any berry for that matter) in your fridge makes for an excellent, tasty and healthy low carb snack.
  4. Checking your blood sugar is much easier than “testing” your blood sugar. We are more apt to “check” than we are to “test” – WORDS CHOICE MATTERS.
  5. When going out to breakfast or brunch and your bagel craving kicks in, which by the way I can totally relate to, ask the waitress to toast 1/2 your bagel and wrap and bag the other half. A little bagel goes a long way, plus you can take the other half home. Bonus points for ordering LOX with a side of low fat cream cheese and extra sides of lettuce, tomato, onions and capers. You’ve cut your carb intake in half, doubled your veggie intake in one fell, and won’t have that gross full feeling after your meal.
  6. When you visit your Endocrinologist or GP, don’t forget to ask for samples of meds, meters, and test-strips, even if the meter and strips aren’t the brand you normally use. Having a back-up meter and test strips at your disposal and no matter the brand, is never a bad thing.
  7. Use that map app in your phone for more than just driving! Take a moment to map out the distance to walkable locations to your home and work, like the post office, library, pharmacy, etc. And when you can, walk to those locations.
    Short walks throughout the week = big steps towards exercise and benefit our heads, hearts, muscles, and blood sugars.

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