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5 Things That Diabetes Makes Me Do

Living With Diabetes Makes Me Check My Blood Sugars At Least 7 Times A Day

At first I fought against checking so often. 

But once I accepted that checking my blood sugar is the only way I know what direction my glucose was going in – and how critical that information was not only to my overall health, but how I mentally and physically feel on a daily basis, I don’t think twice about checking – I JUST DO IT.

Diabetes Makes Me Listen To My Body

Listening to my body helps me recognize my “diabetes tells.”

Each of us has our own “tells,” when it comes to diabetes, recognizing yours are incredibly important.

Some of my tells:  If I’m sweating too much, shaking, my face feels numb, or if have trouble focusing or concentrating – there’s a good chance my blood sugar is low. I check my blood sugar and treat my low.

If I’m cranky, uber tired, or suddenly get a headache – there’s a good chance my blood sugar is elevated.  I check my blood sugar and treat accordingly. 

If my blood sugars are running high for a few days and for no reason at all – there’s a good chance I’m fighting off a cold or infection. 

When that happens, I do my best to keep my blood sugars stable ( temporary basal rates on my insulin pump come into play,) eat healthy, and get enough sleep. 

Diabetes Makes Me Read Labels

Not only do I need to know what ingredients go into the food I put in my body. I need to know the nutritional value of that food – including; carbs, fat, protein, sodium, and fiber counts.

Diabetes Makes Me Get Up And Move

Somedays taking a walk is the last thing I feel like doing, but I walk just the same – and even if it’s only for 20 minutes instead of the usual 60. 

Exercise helps us stabilize our blood sugar.

Sidebar: Walking not only clears my head, it’s good for my gluteus maximus!

Diabetes Makes Me Get Back Up

There are times when I fall down because of diabetes – physically, but I refuse to let diabetes keep me down. 

There are times when I struggle to get back up – and sometimes it takes several attempts. 

But I get back up and keep on going!

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