It's 24/7! There Is No Vacation From Type 2 Diabetes

Last updated: March 2022

We surveyed people with type 2 diabetes to better understand what it's like living with a condition that can be so difficult to control, often involving many medications, and lifestyle changes such as dietary restrictions and regular exercise. Diabetes doesn't just take a toll on physical health, including complications, but can also be emotionally draining.

Diagnosis can be a roller coaster of emotions

Diagnosis is fairly straightforward for type 2 diabetes. Many (69%) only see one doctor before receiving their diagnosis. Even though the diagnosis journey isn't very complicated, people still go through a range of emotions upon hearing the news that they have type 2 diabetes.

About the numbers

Blood glucose control requires regular monitoring, but it's easier said than done. There are many barriers to frequent tracking and monitoring, such as fear of needles, forgetfulness, cost of supplies and even lack of motivation to check.

Lifestyle changes

In order to control blood glucose levels, many have to alter their lifestyle completely, especially to achieve weight loss. 9 in 10 people are either overweight or obese and 56% aren't at all happy with their weight.

Worries and fears

People living with diabetes have to put in a lot of effort to manage their blood glucose levels. Despite all the work that goes into it, many harbor feelings of fear and uncertainty about their ability to control their condition.

Support: it takes a village!

More than a third of people (38%) did not have anyone else involved in managing their diabetes. But with all the changes in lifestyle required and the constant monitoring of blood glucose, it's not easy doing it alone without any assistance and support from family and/or friends.

The Type 2 Diabetes in America 2018 survey was conducted online from July through August of 2018. 2,024 people living with type 2 diabetes completed the survey.

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