Type 2 Diabetes Management Is NOT A Piece Of Cake.

Type 2 Diabetes Management Is NOT A Piece Of Cake

Last updated: March 2022

We conducted a large survey of people who have type 2 diabetes, and asked many questions about what its like living with a condition that can be so difficult to control, often involving several medications, restricted diet, regular exercise and other lifestyle changes. Many people describe type 2 diabetes as challenging, both from a physical and mental health perspective.

Blood glucose control isn’t easy

Blood glucose control requires regular monitoring. 75% of people check their blood glucose at least once a day but only about half (54%) were certain they were checking at the right time each day. In order to control blood glucose levels, many have to alter their lifestyle, especially for weight loss. Half of the people (52%) were not happy with their weight and 2/3 were actively trying to lose weight to control their symptoms.

Type 2 diabetes isn’t the only condition

As if diabetes wasn’t difficult enough to manage and live with, most people also have to cope with many other health conditions and complications.

Impact on quality of life

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t just take a toll on a person’s physical health, but its effects are felt across many other avenues of life and often leads to burnout.

The blame game

Despite all the effort that goes into diabetes management, people are still blamed for not trying hard enough to control their condition, even by their healthcare professionals.

The Type 2 Diabetes In America 2017 online survey gathered insights from 1,598 individuals currently living with type 2 diabetes to better understand their management of the condition, as well as the impact on their lives.

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