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3 months ago, I started having horrible PVC's (the sensation of skipped heartbeats.) Anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 a day. My medical team shrugs them off and says they're harmless. They usually are in non-diabetics, but Dr. Google says they can be a sign of cardiomyopathy/cardiac fibrosis in diabetics. Does anyone have any experience with PVC's? I'm genuinely terrified I'm going to die at 28.

  1. , I can understand your worries and I hope someone will chime in to share their experiences. Would you ever consider seeking a second opinion from another doctor? I know in a previous post, you said you see a cardiologist, would you be able to maybe seek the opinion of another cardiologist? I hope you are able to get some more insight soon. Best, Minel (Team Member)

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