Ask the Expert: Using Health Trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch

Technology bands and bracelets can keep track of everything from steps to counting steps. We asked our experts for some tips and advice to using health tracker bands such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch. Here's what Joanne and Meryl had to say:

Response from Joanne

JoanneLyfordProfilePic I use a Jawbone tracker to track my exercise and sleep. I especially like that it captures my steps when I’m moving, but not necessarily “exercising”. I'm often amazed at how many steps add up without even strapping on my walking shoes, like when I’m busy with housework or gardening.

Some people say, that sitting is the new smoking. We now know that prolonged sitting can have health consequences. To help me move more, I like the free app called Sworkit. The app provides personalized workouts that fit anyone’s schedule and goals. Videotaped workouts that last between 5 – 60 minutes can be accessed anytime, anywhere. When I have a day where I’m sitting a lot, I try a five-minute cardio workout that will take me through a series of exercises, for my fitness level and goals. After five minutes, I’m back at my desk and I feel more alert and revived. I use all of the other workout options as well, strength, yoga and stretching and it syncs with many trackers, including my Jawbone.

Response from Meryl

MerylKrochmalProfilePic I personally wear the Fitbit Charge HR watch. My Fitbit Charge HR watch is synced with the Fitbit app on my smartphone. The Fitbit app is free and easy to use! Once you set up a Fitbit account with your personal information (weight, age, set) you can see calories burned throughout the day in addition to your heart rate, steps, mileage, floors and time of day. I find having both the Fitbit app and Fitbit Charge HR watch help motivate me throughout the day to move more!

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