Ask the Expert: Diabetes and Pregnancy

Many in the community looking to start a family often wonder how to manage pregnancy with type 2 diabetes. So, we asked our expert on advice for navigating pregnancy and diabetes and here's what Meryl had to say:

Response from Meryl:

MerylKrochmalProfilePic If you and your significant other are considering starting a family, it is especially important to have your blood glucose under good control prior to getting pregnant. Make sure to discuss your plans to start a family with your health care provider. He/she may advise you to wait until your A1c is below 7 percent. Having poor glycemic control prior to getting pregnant can result in irregular menstrual cycles, making it more challenging to know when you are ovulating. Having poor glycemic control early in pregnancy can increase your risk of miscarriage as well as affect your babies developing organs. Poor glycemic control later in pregnancy can result in having a large for gestational age baby, increasing the chance that a cesarean section delivery will be required.

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