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Ask the Advocate: Has Your Outlook on Life Changed Since Your Diagnosis?

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can be life-changing. To manage successfully and avoid difficult complications, one may need to change much about their life and how they live. Two of our advocates living with type 2 diabetes share how their outlook on life has changed since diagnosis. Has yours changed? Share with us in the comments!

Rachel Foster

Type 2 Diabetes Advocate Rachel Foster
The type 2 diabetes diagnosis brought me back to exercise. I hated gym class as a kid because of being uncoordinated and awkward at a lot of sports. That all changed once I needed to find ways to stay active, and I found ways that worked for me – walking, running, hiking, yoga, and pilates all ended up erasing much of that fear of looking silly while exercising. I might not have good swimming technique, but I like doing laps, so I focus on what makes me feel good.

Type 2 diabetes also brought the desire to connect with others with the condition. Early on, I participated in message boards on various diabetes-specific websites and started my own blog. Over time, I began to believe that psychosocial support when you have diabetes, or any other chronic condition really, is just as important as lifestyle changes and medication. While I do not write as often anymore, family and friends know that I can lend a hand when they or someone they love is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Shelley Hlymbicky

Type 2 Diabetes Advocate Shelley Hlymbicky
Yes. Definitely. I take my health more seriously. I know I have a responsibility to look after myself. For myself. And for my family. Even though some days I feel diabetes sucks, I know it forced me to make positive changes. I lost the weight I had been ‘meaning to’ (for years). I eat healthfully now (most of the time). Knowing diabetes is progressive and can only be slowed, not stopped, certainly made me sit up and take notice of what was important in my health.

How has type 2 diabetes changed your outlook on life? Comment below.